Services and solutions in the Earth Observation field
isardSAT is an R&D enterprise that provides services and solutions in the Earth Observation field. We develop projects that require knowledge of the satellite systems’, which are led by engineers, and projects that require a deeper knowledge of the final product, led by scientists.
Space & Technology
isardSAT carries out scientific & technology projects in the Earth Observation field, developing on-board and on-ground algorithms to process microwave instruments data.
Scientific applications
isardSAT performs studies for scientific applications with the data obtained by Earth Observation instruments. Application projects revolve around different hydrological applications.
Climate services: Lobelia
Lobelia Earth, isardSAT's services unit, uses Earth Observation data and climate projections for the assessment of vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities associated to climate scenarios for each particular case and region of interest.
Altimetry, passive microwaves and SAR images. Radar and data processing algorithms.
algorithm development
geophysical validation
instrument calibration
dissemination and outreach

Algorithm development

The data as acquired by an instrument are not of any use for scientists. Scientists need these data to be transformed into physical variables. The process between the data as acquired by the instrument and the data as used by the scientist requires the development of algorithms based on physics and engineering, also including instrumental corrections, provided by the instrument calibration processing.

In particular, isardSAT’s main expertise is in the first levels of instrument processing, from the instruments source packets (Level 0 / Level 1 processing) to retracking algorithms for Level 2 processing.

About us
isardSAT was founded in 2006 in Barcelona with the mission to improve the knowledge of our planet Earth through Remote Sensing. isardSAT develops engineering and scientific projects with the objective of becoming one of the leading company in active and passive microwave remote sensing and preferred partner in the Earth Observation research field. isardSAT headquarters are located in Barcelona, Catalonia. We have one subsidiary, isardSAT UK in Guildford.
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