Jun 10, 2024
Monitoring coastal erosion all-weather, anytime
Apr 11, 2024
Monitoring irrigation water from Earth Observation data
Mar 18, 2024
Mònica Roca i Aparici, crew member of the Hypatia II mission
Mar 11, 2024
New Fully Focussed SAR algorithm reduces processing time of Sentinel-6 radar altimetry data
Oct 5, 2023
isardSAT wins a competition with a project to monitor drought with data from Menut nanosatellite
May 9, 2023
isardSAT & Lobelia take part in the 100 km Oxfam Trailwalker 2023
May 3, 2023
isardSAT presents the CRISTAL mission in the SeaSAR workshop
Apr 17, 2023
A soil moisture index based on satellite data shows the advanced state of the hydrological drought in Catalonia
Apr 12, 2023
isardSAT supports Hypatia I, a female-led mission to the Mars Desert Research Station
Apr 11, 2023
isardSAT gets ready for #EGU23
Feb 28, 2023
Satellite data shows Darnius reservoir at a very low level
Dec 13, 2022
Pioneer method to classify irrigation types using remote sensing data can improve water management
Dec 12, 2022
An experimental reflector allows the calibration of the Sentinel-6 satellite’s altimeter from the Montsec Observatory
Nov 7, 2022
isardSAT takes part in OSTST 2022
Oct 3, 2022
Satellite data predicts how drought lowers cereal yield
May 27, 2022
isardSAT at Living Planet Symposium 2022
Dec 10, 2020
First results of Sentinel-6 show excellent performance
Nov 4, 2020
Sentinel-6 is ready for launch!
Oct 1, 2020
isardSAT will participate in the development of CRISTAL, the new polar mission
Mar 13, 2020
IMBIE team presents Greenland and Antarctica ice losses
Mar 9, 2020
Web tool to explore EO products over Ebro basin
Jan 30, 2020
Lobelia's real time air quality service for NO2 in Barcelona's public TV channel
Jan 22, 2020
Our project on plastic detection from satellites in oceans in the media
Dec 11, 2019
IMBIE’s paper in Nature and isardSAT contribution featured in the media
Jun 4, 2019
Laia Romero presents Lobelia Air at the Barcelona TV ‘betevé’
Jun 14, 2018
isardSAT, as a member of IMBIE partnership, featured at La Vanguardia newspaper
Feb 26, 2018
Mònica Roca awarded at the Night of Telecommunications and Computer Science
Jul 11, 2016
ESA’s Dragon cooperation with China extended to 2020
Jul 4, 2016
isardSAT, new member of EARSC
Jun 23, 2016
isardSAT organises a robotics workshop for kids
May 31, 2016
REC project. Mid-Term Review meeting
Apr 10, 2016
Measuring Earth from space, by L'Econòmic
Feb 29, 2016
First Sentinel-3 image received
Feb 17, 2016
Sentinel-3 liftoff!
Feb 9, 2016
Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform: Preliminary Design Review Meeting
Feb 2, 2016
isardSAT with the Sentinel-3 launch to support Earth health
Jan 27, 2016
Explica't magazine
Jan 22, 2016
Base Platform project Kick-Off Meeting
Nov 16, 2015
SWICCA project Kick-Off Meeting
Nov 10, 2015
Catalunya Ràdio interviews Mònica Roca: Are women overprotected at work?
Apr 29, 2015
isardSAT workshop: happiness and conciliation for SMEs
Feb 23, 2015
isardSAT, an innovative enterprise on reconciliation of family and working life
Feb 23, 2015
Telecommunications & space
Feb 1, 2015
isardSAT, a role model for work-life balance at prime-time TV
Jan 23, 2015
isardSAT: committed to employment in Barcelona
Jan 22, 2015
Satellites prevent fires
Oct 27, 2014
Interview with Lluís Vinyals on Radio Nacional de España
Jun 11, 2014
New Surrey Space Incubator company wins first ESA contract
Apr 7, 2014
isardSAT wins the Work and Family Life Balancing Award from GEC
Mar 28, 2014
isardSAT receives the Innovation and Work-Life Balance 2014 Award
Jan 1, 2014
Happy New Year 2014!
Nov 4, 2013
isardSAT takes its satellites out. Expansión Catalunya
Nov 1, 2013
The formula: male conciliation. isardSAT at La Vanguardia
Oct 29, 2013
Interview to Mònica Roca at La Vanguardia
Jan 27, 2013
isardSAT will attend the next National Research Prize ceremony
Nov 22, 2012
isardSAT & Thagis proposal, shortlisted for GMES 2012
Nov 14, 2011
Deciphering space: interview with Mònica Roca by El Periódico
Sep 27, 2011
isardSAT attended the 1st SMOS Science Workshop
Oct 18, 2010
Mònica Roca wins the Female Entrepreneur Award of CIDEM
Apr 9, 2010
CryoSat-2 in orbit for studying climate change
Oct 22, 2009
Interview with Mònica Roca and Lluís Vinyals by Expansión Catalunya
Oct 11, 2009
Interview with Mònica Roca by La Vanguardia
Jul 11, 2009
isardSAT wins the Best Business Initiative prize