The S-3 SRAL Delay-Doppler toolbox


The Delay-Doppler Altimetry Studio is a toolbox to process Sentinel-3 SRAL data from Level-1A to Level-1B and modify the code to suit your needs.

The project aims to provide the scientific community with the means to understand and use low-level Altimetry data processing, by providing them with a Fully Adaptable and Configurable Delay Doppler Processor (DDP), which has a friendly user interface to help them interact with it. The proposed DDP has different options from which the user will be able to choose, to suit their particular field of interest.

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isardSAT, SatOC, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Brockmann Consult, IFREMER, Along Track, IO PAS




algorithm development, altimetry, satellites