Copernicus Climate Change Service Global Impacts

Providing tailored climate data services

Copernicus Climate Change Service Global Impacts

Global users in the Copernicus Climate Change Service

This project aims to facilitate climate adaptation worldwide and offers an interactive web application with refined data, guidance and practical showcases. The global service provides seasonal forecasts and key indicators on climate change impacts. Data and user guidance are developed through co-design with users on each continent, including 7 champions operating globally and 12 regional or local users from across the globe. Each user demonstrates climate-change adaptation in its business or issues in their region. The aim is to ensure uptake of relevant and high-impact climate information worldwide, addressing sectors such as health, safety, water security, transport, biodiversity, tourism, agriculture and food production

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isardSAT developed showcases for global users on their use of Global Climate Data for different purpose

Amongst the stakeholders that participated in the project, isardSAT was responsible for co-designing and implementing solutions with PwC, Oxfam and UN Habitat.

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About the Data

The global service provides climate impact indicators (CIIs) with different spatial and temporal resolution from a state-of-the-art production chain, starting with global climate model results, followed by downscaling and bias adjustment, and finally impact modelling and calculations of indicators. The original source of global climate model data is the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) of IPCC, using 19 of the general circulation models at 2 degrees resolution, which are available in the C3S Climate Data Store.

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