isardSAT at Living Planet Symposium 2022

27 May, 2022

isardSAT team put aside videoconferences for a week to attend in person the Living Planet Symposium LPS 2022, held on 23-27 May in Bonn, Germany.

It was a great occasion to present, share, and exchange on our projects and research on various different areas: radar altimeter GPP development and validation (for Sentinel-6, already launched, and CRISTAL, the upcoming ESA polar mission), coastal processor for radar altimeter data, external calibration of radar altimeters using transponder (for CryoSat-2) and corner reflector (for Sentinel-6), innovative soil-moisture products, marine litter detection, coastal change using SAR images, deblurring methodologies for ASCAT and SCA data, and water extent measurements using Sentinel-6 radar altimeter Fully-Focussed SAR data.